Mind Yo Biznizz

Mind Yo Biznizz
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BabyCakesA10? Aint No Joke! 14 years old & She Will Let You Have It!

"It's An A & C conversation B quiet!"

I Want to introduce you to the next BIG HIP-HOP STAR! Her Name Is BabyCakesA10 She is 14 years old,but her stlye says much more. She is Clean Hip-Hop, Her Rap is well written,and delivered (without curse words or your typical "shoot,kill,sell drugs ,be a thug mentallity) In fact BabyCakesA10 represents self esteem for young people, and does not advocate violence, "although she will put you in check if you dis-respect!" as she does on songs like Yo Queen and Everything Hood She also has a POSITIVE message on songs like Each1 Reach1 and Handzup. You can also dance along with songs like DoItHiUDoIt and Lean & Roc 11 cuts in all on her first CD release intitled 4 My Homies!